March WIPocalypse check-in

It’s that time of the month already! The March check in post for the 2014 WIPocalypse. This month’s topic is favourite places to stitch. Technically, we are meant to show it, but my craft room is a mess at the moment as I’ve only recently turned the room into a craft room, so I still need to sort it out.

I’ve taken over the front room, and have a desk set up there with my laptop as well so that I can watch things on my computer while I’m stitching. Multitasking is one of my strong points, apparently. I keep all my projects in individual folders so that I can grab them as I need them, and the current WIPs that I have in my rotation are kept there. It means that when I decide I want to change projects, they’re handy and everything is all together (fabric, patterns, threads) as I need them so I don’t have to go hunting.

March has been promising for my WIPs! Obviously, I knocked one off the list – the large latch hook that I posted about last week. Technically it should still be on there as I do need to finish binding it, but I’m waiting on some binding to be posted out to me as this one will be hung up.

I managed to finish the February square of the Once Upon A Time sampler:


How aodrable is the happy little frog!? Sadly I haven’t made any further progress on either March, the border, OR January, but I’m hoping I can knock off most of March by the end of the month. I’m still tossing up whether to work on the border exclusively, or block by block when I have the time.

I pulled out “50 Shades of Grey” and while I’ve only done a little bit of work on it, I’ve been setting myself goals of 10×10 squares (eg. I’ll finish 3 squares tonight) and I’m hoping that will make it more manageable! I really do need to finish this page, as it’s the ‘worst’ in terms of absolutely nothing going on in the pattern, once I get across to the next pages I think this will keep my attention and stitching speed up as I’ll be able to see more of the actual design.


So. Many. Similar. Shades.

My snowmen is going well, however! I’ve been taking advantage of being very quiet at work to stitch in the back office when all the work is done and I’m waiting for my late arrivals.


I love these fat little snowmen. It’s currently on hold though as I need to work on another project, plus I’ve just about run out of the DMC thread and I need to grab another skein (and hope the dye lots match).

March’s Cottage Garden Threads club was delivered this week, as well. I just love these colours –


The design is lovely, too. The design from last month was very intricate, but it didn’t call out at me to stitch it. This one is a completely different story! It’s definitely going in my ‘to stitch’ pile that keeps growing. I also need to sketch out the progressive sampler (and also get some fabric big enough) at some point and make a start on that too.

My other project is going well, the stitchery is almost complete however I can’t put a photo up just yet as it’s a gift for someone at the start of April.


I did, however, get the mini charm pack in the mail (it was a good week for craft goodies) that I’ll be using for the outer border. Such bright colours! I just need to finish up the stitchery, and then pick out the squares I want, and sew it all together. The design calls for it to be framed, but I’m tossing up turning it into a wall hanging or wrapping it around canvas, so I may take a trip down to Spotlight on my days off and sort.

How is everyone else’s WIPs going? Hopefully it has been a productive month!



In my various browsing around crafty blogs, I came across one that had created a WIPocalypse. Which is just perfect for me, because not only am I trying to encourage myself to post more, and find other crafty blogs, but I’m really hoping this will encourage me more to actually work on my projects that I’ve started, as well as my new ones.

Anyone can sign up, and there’s a monthly ‘check in’ where people can update how they’re going on all their WIPs. The topic for January was relatively simple – introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals.

So, for new readers – I’ve got an incredibly crafty mother, who introduced me into craft at a young age. As I grew older, I drifted from it, but then about 18 months ago really got back into it. The main thing that drew me back in was cross stitch, but I’ve also expanded this out to latch hooking, and stitcheries/embroidery – with a side of quilting that will be developing in the future. I did give needlepoint a go, but it frustrated me and it’s not for me, so I think I’ll be tossing those projects.

I’m a compulsive starter, and tend to impulse buy a lot of projects for my stash, which I will one day get to! I’m not so great at finishing – I tend to find new projects, and set the other one aside, for far too long. I’m also a bit of an overachiever, which results in me picking large projects, rather than smaller, easier to finish ones!

I’ve already set myself a list of goals for 2014, so I won’t repeat those again. Some of them are WIP, some of them are new, but for the WIPocalypse I’m going to try and be a bit more specific.

In terms of WIPs that I want to make progress on (I’m being realistic – not all of these will be finished this year);

  1. “Watching It Fly” cross stitch
  2. “Hogwarts” cross stitch
  3. Christmas ornaments cross stitch
  4. “Love” wedding sampler cross stitch
  5. “Love / Hope / Joy / Peace” stitchery
  6. “Enjoy Today” stitchery
  7. “Sierra Wonderland” latch hook
  8. Lion huggable latch hook

I also have a number of projects that I’ll be starting in 2014, so they’ll eventually be added to the list. I’m hoping at least half of these can be knocked off – but we’ll see, I guess!