Story Time progress

Not much progress yet, but I’ve been plodding along with this – I’m still determined to finish the frames (and hopefully the banner) before the next clue is released at the end of the month.


I’ve just started the frame for July, so I’m doing well – I’m aiming to finish at least one frame a day which will bring me to the 31st, and hopefully I’m ahead of schedule so I can knock out the banner too.

I adore all of these frames, they’re all slightly different, but I have to say I’ve been having the worst time counting lately! The first green frame I had to rip out three times, and then the second brown one I was half a stitch off. Knock wood, I’ve got all the frogging out of my system, as the last two that I had started are correct, but it’s been doing my head in!!

I’ve been seeing a few posts over on the FB group about people concerned about the green (Weeks Dye Works in Seafoam) blending in and being unable to see it well, but I haven’t seemed to have that problem. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s on linen, or the different count – one thing I learned from doing the designs from the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery was that hand dyed fabric holds the dye differently depending on if it’s Aida, or linen, or even the different types of linen.

Either way, I’m loving stitching with the WDW and the colour variegation, and I’m really looking forward to stitching this one up this year.


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