I’m on a roll…

I’ve actually been consistently working on my craft projects, but not only that, I’m making tons of progress! Clearly it’s the apocalypse, because normally I’m awful at actually finishing things.

I’ve managed to finish the March block of the Once Upon A Time sampler, ahead of schedule. I’m going to try and work on the border a little bit, then do January when I’ve finished April as it’s on the other side of the linen.


I’ve also finished all of the stitching for the ark on New Beginnings, and have started on the (adorable) animals, which is what I’m currently working on.


And lastly, I’ve managed to finish and put the border fabric around my mystery project. I just need to get some more fabric so I can finish it completely. I can’t put up a picture yet, but here’s a sneaky pic at the fabrics I chose (kudos to my mum, for helping out) –


I haven’t had a chance yet to look at all the blogs linked up in this month’s WIPocalypse, but I’ll get there shortly, I promise!

All this progress means that I may finally be able to start the Best Friends Forever BOM – which is good, as I’ll have month 3 before I know it, and the Simply Blessed BOM is starting soon too. Eeeek.


9 thoughts on “I’m on a roll…

  1. Congrats on your impressive progress! I’m worried I might end up being behind on my OUAT sampler! So far I only have ‘March’ and the wolf! Plus this week I could really do to make the mothers day card I had planned before Sunday! eek! Never mind the essay and presentation that I have to do for uni! *sigh*

      • Yes the border did seem to be really quick! I have done January and February, plus the grid in the middle and the blue part of the border around the first three squares…by the end of next month I want to have caught up and to have my border all finished!!!

      • I think you’ve still done more than me then, since I’ve only done the blue around March, and not much of the inner grid. I have the same goal, to be up to date & have the border and the inner grids finished. Hopefully we can both manage it!

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