Latch hook progress

I’ve been busy with work lately, but due to my messed up sleeping patterns (thanks, hospitality shift work!) have been making some significant progress on my Sierra Wonderland latch hook.


This is about 6500 pieces of wool – or, about 40% completed. Such a change from when I pulled it out a couple of weeks ago!

These latch hook designs are a bit strange – when I’m doing them, I can see the picture up close, but it’s sometimes tricky to see things like the shading and the 3D bits such as the tree trunks. When I take a whole photo of the piece though, it suddenly ‘pops’ and I can see the whole thing. I can’t wait until I’ve done more on this!


I can, however, do without the chunks of green! This section featured mostly shades of green (dark green, green, and light green to be precise…), with smatterings of yellow throughout. I’m coming up to the mountains and I couldn’t be happier!

I’m also looking forward to new parcels arriving in the mail – I know, I know. I’ve just received the threads for my Once Upon A Time cross stitch sampler (excellent postage from Canada, incidentally – I selected the option with an estimated 4-6 weeks and it was here in about 7 business days!), and I’m eagerly awaiting the linen to arrive so I can make a start on that. I’m part of the group on Facebook and it’s somewhat torturous watching everyone stitch this, especially as February just got released.

Lastly, Jess over at A Patchwork Quilt posted to say that the Cottage Garden threads have come into stock, so I can’t wait for those to be delivered as part of a monthly thing – a couple of people have gone into their stores and have picked them up and the overall sampler looks amazing. I’ll be sure to post once I’ve received that!

I finally have a few days off from work coming up in which I’m planning a “stitch and bitch” with a couple of my crafty friends, so I’m going to hopefully pull out the lovingly titled 50 million shades of grey and get some more work on that one done, to slowly attack at some more of my goals. And – hopefully remember to post more often (or have more to post about!)


2 thoughts on “Latch hook progress

  1. it looks wonderful! you’re as bad as me for ordering goodies haha I ordered winnie the pooh latch hook while still doing my cats and mice latch hook 🙂

  2. wow, it’s looking amazing! I can’t believe how much you’ve done, have you been to sleep at all?? How come you ordered the threads for the Fairy Tale Sampler from Canada? I’m actually planning on stitching it from stash as I have SO much stash!

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