Enjoying Today

In the midst of our adventures in Sydney I’ve managed to get some stitching in out on the balcony of our apartment.

When the iron on transfer was done it was extremely faint on one side, so I’ve been aiming for finishing the edges so the pattern doesn’t fade completely.

I’m still in love with the colours – I can’t wait til I’ve got them all in the pattern! Presently I’ve only done a bit but it’s stitching up quickly, especially given my tendencies to get distracted.


It’s only a bit, but in the spirit of trying to blog more often, and also keeping records of my progress, thought I would share it with you all.


4 thoughts on “Enjoying Today

    • That’s so true – I’m trying to stitch at least a little bit each day as it really does add to the progress. I’ve managed to complete nearly all of the outlines for the flowers now – satin stitch is next!

    • Thank you! The original design called for a lighter, spotted pink fabric but I couldn’t track this down – I looked for a few different pinks but this one called to me the most šŸ™‚

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